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Project Description
Continuum is an open-source financial modeling and simulation program written in c# 2.0 winforms.

(Update 4/30/12) : A Silverlight 5 version of Continuum is available here :

This program is intended to allow you to manage your long term personal financed via a simulation-like environment. Although i intend to emphasise
personal finance modeling, it has room for growth into larger macro financial simulations. It uses the third party ZedGraph charting control, and their binary assembly distribution is included.

It uses the concepts of Funds and Actors and Historical Balances to render financial projections.

The focus of this project is not necessarily on strict mathmatical precision, but rather to allow easy
modeling and analysis at variable Levels Of Detail. The more detail you provide, the more accurate it will become.

The key component classes of Continuum are :
Projector : This class contains logic to run simulations, and contains collections of Actors and Funds for use in running the simulation. It is therefore, a self-contained simulation environment, and can be saved as such.

Fund : This class represents a single fund. Funds can be checking accounts, saving accounts, IRA, 401K, auto loans, mortgages etc. These form the fundamental items whose balances you wish to track, project, and analyse over time.

Actor : This class represents a scheduled monetary impacts (or flows) on or between funds in the Continuum projector. Actors allow projections. An actor might be a recurring paycheck, a repeated series of deposits to savings account, a car payment, a mortgage payment, etc.

Activities : This class is key to the executing 'engine' of the projector. Actors and Fund reconciles are vectored up in activities and then the projector sequences these activities and executes them individually. Their execution is influenced by fund's interim (running) balance.

So the projector sets up the funds, uses their initial or historical balances, allows the actors to run their projections over a given time frame, and then charts their affect on the funds (as well as other data mining and analysis-- post simulation).

Future Development Trends and Goals :
Conceptually i wish this to be a 'living' simulation, one which updates itself daily, issues alerts/notifications of actor activity, allow easy reconciliation via Historical points, utilize simpler and customized dialog user interfaces for editing funds and actors instead of property grids data entry, and which will employ encryption for ensuring the data files are protected from unwanted access. Project Website for ChromaticQFX utility (Bundled in Setup Installer)

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