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Continuum for Silverlight

May 1, 2012 at 12:21 AM

I have deployed a test build of Continuum for Silverlight in case anyone was interested.


It requires Silverlight 5 runtime be installed (in the future i may allow Silverlight 4), and at current it does not support encryption or importing/exporting datafiles. 


It stores the configuration data to IsolatedStorage (on your hard drive but not actual files you can backup).  In the future i will probably add an import and export capability as well as encryption, but otherwise it is just a mostly identical port of my previous Continuum application. 


It supports 'Out-Of-Browser' capability which means it installs on your computer with an icon so you can use it when offline.  It runs sandboxed, using its isolated storage and does not require elevated permissions of any sort (although adding future capability to import/export may require you to 'approve' this).  To install Out-of-Browser, load Continuum for Silverlight webpage and right click on the screen for menu option.  If you do run out of browser you will not be automatically updated, if i update the page you got it from... you would have to run the Out-of-Browser version, right click on it for uninstall option, then revisit page and install new version.  This uninstallation process may delete the isolated storage, which is why i will add import/export in future version.  Using it directly from the webpage may allow data to carry over on upgrades.  All data is stored on your local computer though (in isolated storage) so this is merely an issue with how silverlight manages those application domains.

It supports fullscreen, but Silverlight (as a safety measure) does not allow you to do any data entry in fullscreen mode, so this will have to be for running simulations (pushing buttons). 

I am still experimenting with Silverlight so I may not yet be fully utilizing some its capabilities, but it has proven somewhat easy to create similar complex layouts and retofit it to the continuum libraries. 

Feel free to try it out... it's at :

I have also created another (more simple) Silverlight application called QolLight which allows you to define various 'levels of operation'... pretty much just different budgets depending on how frugally/lavishly you wish to spend.  Thinking this out in advance you can get an idea of how best to make adjustments.  Its also available out of broswer (smaller ui favors this)... its available here :