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Release 040609 Dialog

Apr 7, 2009 at 2:00 AM
Edited Apr 7, 2009 at 2:04 AM
Since its still uncertain whether any other developers will be interested, I'll just use this thread as a project log.  Feel free to chime in if you have questions or comments about development.

Release 040609 (svn4970) :

This is a rough release, whose calculations still need to be validated, however initial projections appear correct.

I wanted to go ahead and realign the execution engine towards a more unified Activity mechanism since the effects of that realignment are widespread.  Now that that is complete it is hopefully intuitive and will allow for future growth without major rewrites.  An addition effect of this is that the rendering of balances occurs at the same time as the creation of transactions now that these activities can be sequenced chronologically.

Another aspect I wanted to address was payment to loan accounts.  Normal loan payments (auto loan/mortgage) have only a portion (principle) applied to the balance, the rest is interest overhead or other overhead like taxes/escrow or insurance.  Actors can now be designated as IsLoanPayment... these payments calculate the normal loan payment (based on APR and loan duration), calculates interest portion (based on formula using APR, duration, and current fund balance), then determines how much of payment is 'left over for principle', and then applies just that portion to loan fund balance, yet withdraws the full amount from feeder fund.  Additionally, you can add a separate actor which is not designated as IsLoanPayment and it can represent scheduled principle payments.

So now that those items are done, I intend to eventually work on user interface (such as custom fund and actor entry screens), and improve statistic presentation in the tabs.  In addition to FundDisbursal i might want to show other analytics and clean up transaction logs and balance logs (just balances now and they are labeled as transactions).  Reflection of Activities might be cleaned up to better display (perhaps in grid).

Initially, the sample continuum i created in the CompiledBinary folder seems to render the auto loan balances and mortgage payments correctly when compared to calculators at :

Overall though, i hope to stress-test with my own data over the next week or so to validate its output by comparing with my own calculations, and fix any issues that arise before continuing development.