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Oct 1, 2012
10:36 PM

Upgrade: New Version of LabDefaultTemplate.xaml. To upgrade your build definitions, please visit the following link:

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Oct 1, 2012
10:31 PM

Checked in by server upgrade

by pipeline
May 1, 2011
4:48 PM

Testing Visual Studio 2010 TFS integration

by pipeline
May 25, 2009
2:56 AM

Build 1.2.0 : Added more summary totals; Added simple distribution graph; Primarily this release is to work with ChromaticQFX a new utility which will be bundled with the Setup installer for analyzing Quicken QFX files exported from a banking website.

by pipeline
May 5, 2009
8:49 PM

Build 1.1.2
- Optimized Actor's Fund references, invoking Find() only once
- Fixes to GuidedAutoLoan so it doesnt complain about a dependency on sample checking
- FundActivity graph now resets scale on every refresh so if scale becomes exponential it will fix itself
- Fixes to all numeric filtered textboxes to allow arrow keys
- Fund disbursal - all amounts are shown (on hover) as positive, except for debt reductions
- Space keyboard shortcut when zoom button is focused will no longer fire/toggle twice
- Creating new continuum or loading existing continuum (without market) will now clear market data graphs
- Added Equity Offset property for debtequity Funds to adjust equity calculation above/below loan value
- Detect changes to Continuum and prompt to save on exit if needed
- Added ability to specify number of days between automatic market refreshes (1-100)

by pipeline
May 1, 2009
10:35 PM

Updated csproj file to be backwards compatible with VS2005 and hopefully express versions. Added batch files to compile directly against framework (so you don't need anything but framework installed to compile).

by pipeline
Apr 30, 2009
3:25 AM

BugFix : Fixed error in FundDisbursal-- it was including prior actor activity before datetime window

by pipeline
Apr 30, 2009
2:12 AM

Build 1.1.1
- Minor fixes and enhancements to Market Funds and Market Graphs
- Market funds will now update automatically (daily) if enabled in edit projector screen
- added online help links and web pages for market screens
- Minor tweaks and caption fixes for stock graphs
- Releases after this 1.1.1 release will probably be just bug fixes as i have no major features to add right now

by pipeline
Apr 29, 2009
2:32 AM

Build 1.1.0 :
- Added Basic Stock Tracking using Yahoo Webservice
You can download histories (which overwrites all previous values)
Market data is kept in parallel .market and .marketx files (hopefully invisibly to user)
This will allow automatic saving of market data when downloaded while not saving continuum
and you can delete the market/marketx files without affecting continuum
- Includes fixes made to fund lists not remembering or defaulting selection

by pipeline
Apr 28, 2009
12:25 AM

Minor fix to MainForm.cs to refreshlists only after using screen which could have changed them. This keeps selected items and faster performance for datetime changes, but refreshes them if using features which could change them.

by pipeline
Apr 26, 2009
11:53 PM

Release 1.0.0 :
I went ahead and wrapped up the initial online help and added links to each screen of continuum to those pages. This checkin includes the addition of those links. This will be first official/stable release.

by pipeline
Apr 26, 2009
4:57 PM

Minor fixes :
- Set tab ordering for all forms
- dead code elimination of property editors and samples
- minor fixes found when creating a new continuum when one is already loaded

by pipeline
Apr 26, 2009
3:58 PM

Build 0.9.5 :
- Added Guided Transactions Entry
- Added Historical Balances Entry
- fixes and enhancements to shortcuts
- improved validation in Guided Entry forms
- small optimizations in chained events during refresh of projections

by pipeline
Apr 25, 2009
3:06 AM

(Build 0.9.4)
- Added Guided Editors for simple adding of Checking, Savings, AutoLoan, and Mortgage
- Cleaned up graphs
- Added keyboard shortcuts
- Fixed Upcoming Activity to use property
- Moved Actor, Fund, and Activity counts to statusbar

by pipeline
Apr 23, 2009
1:53 AM

Build 0.9.3 :
- Added StackedValue and StackedDebt graphs
- Moved FundDisbursal to main graph pane
- FundDisbursal now detects 'default' flow (inflow for debt, outflow for others) and you graph reverse flows
- Added IsHidden property to Fund and if set to true, the fund will not be shown in graph but will count in totals (income?)
- Added IsBenchmark property to Actor and if set to true, the fund will not be counted in totals (original mortgage payoff?)
- Saving Actors and Funds now ensures times are removed from DateTime to clean up old Datetime stamps

by pipeline
Apr 21, 2009
2:51 AM

by pipeline
Apr 21, 2009
2:47 AM

Updated the ActivityComparer to prioritize HistoricalBalances over Actor Activities when they both occur on the same day. When this happens, the HistoricalBalance is accepted as the true balance. So make sure to have only one Historical balance on any given date and if there is any actor activity on that make, make sure its ok to ignore it.

by pipeline
Apr 20, 2009
8:42 PM

- Added Benchmark Fund designation (not included in value/debt calculations);
- Added property to Actor to disable it. This will add versatility to what-if projections.
- Added timer which currently just refreshes the projection on date changes;
In the future notifications might be added to inform user of activity occurring that day.
- Fixed calculation which caused projection to skip actors first fire date in certain situations.
- Fixed issue where simulation was not being initially run after loading continuum.
- Logon failure now repeats password request until successful or cancelled
- Relocated data file directory to MyDocuments; If you want to use an old continuum you will
need to copy it to your Documents\Continuum directory and load it from Continuum.

by pipeline
Apr 19, 2009
1:37 AM

Fixed first load (when no datafiles) to now properly show encryption options

by pipeline
Apr 19, 2009
1:06 AM

- Added Encryption / Password protection (but still allow unencrypted)
- Changed default file extension (.continuum for unencrypted, .continuumx for encrypted)
- Added simple Interest Compounding capability to Actor; you can add new actors to generate this interest
- Added actor end date to impose time limits on when actor should stop firing
- Reworked behavior of 'file/new and file/save as...' to use edit projector screen

by pipeline
Apr 16, 2009
3:13 AM

- Refined Fund and Actor Edit screens
- Added Equity Change calculation
- Added Upcoming Activity area and projector setting
- Added Icon
- Added sample for auto loan (non-equity)
- Added Build number and set initial build number to version 0.9.0

by pipeline
Apr 15, 2009
2:54 AM

by pipeline
Apr 15, 2009
2:53 AM

Added Notes tab where you can enter notes that will be saved along with the continuum.

by pipeline
Apr 15, 2009
2:29 AM

Updated compiled binary

by pipeline
Apr 15, 2009
2:27 AM

- I now include Projection Start and End Dates in each fund's line graph; This allows you to see initial and ending balances and includes funds with no activity; To support this i added a new actor periodicity 'OnceOnly' and also added a private Volatile Actors list in the projector to handle activities created by the projector itself;
- I changed/fixed waste calculation to include only future dates (future to todays actual date)... this is to reduce effect of historical reconciliations which dont debit spending accounts.
- Fixed window date trim controls causing exception when trim causes StartDate to be >= EndDate