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Release 0.9.3

Apr 23, 2009 at 3:07 AM
I'm pretty happy with the program as it currently performs the way i originally imagined it would.  

Aside from clean up the graphs, and stress test the projections and graphs, the only other items i might want to address for version 1.0 release are :
- Add 'Guided Actions' wizard-like screens for entering Mortgages, Savings/CDs, Checking, AutoLoan, etc.
  Most guided actions will just hide properties which arent applicable (and hide list of funds), but Mortgages and Savings will create actors as well
- I may then hide the property grid editors, shift the current editors to 'advanced' and add the Guided actions so its file/guided/advanced/help
- perhaps leave an expert mode which shows property editors and activities
- I also think i will move Actor/Fund/Activity counts to status bar